Work With Me

Book Photography and Press

I read all the books and I love taking all the photos of the books! If you're looking for either promotional photos of new releases, or just some new and different photos to share, I'm your girl! 

If I already have the book and you want to use existing photos of mine, please feel free, as long as I am given credit. If I already have the book and you're looking for some new photos, let's chat! I'd be happy to help! 

If you're looking for promotions for a new release, or a cover reveal, I'd be more than happy to assist! If the book is available, I request a print copy of the book and I will provide you with various images for your use. If this is for a cover reveal, let's chat in more detail! 

I would also provide various Instagram story promotional posts, if requested. 

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Product Photography and Press

I would love to do product photography and press for you! If you would like to either send me your product, or offer a discount, I would be happy to take promotional photos and provide you the images for your own use as well. I will also provide various Instagram story posts, if requested. 

My aesthetic is dark and moody, and pink. If you think this would showcase your products well, let's connect! 

I am also open to working in different aesthetics if you'd prefer something a little less dark. 

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Work Samples

You can see my various work samples over on my Instagram! I post book photos and/or product photos daily. 

I have previously worked with various shops, including Novel Candle Co, The Dear Writer Co, Obsidian Moon Crate, Persephone Light Co, and Crabapple Books. My work with these shops included product photography and promotion in IG stories.