Review: Wicked All Night - Jeaniene Frost

Ian and Veritas are back in Book 3 of the Night Rebel series!

The Night Rebel series is a spin-off of the original Night Huntress series. While not strictly necessary to have read the Night Huntress series (Cat and Bones' story), I strongly recommend it. I also strongly recommend reading the Night Prince spin-off series (Vlad and Leila's story) as well. Both of these series give valuable backstory on both Ian and the situation we find him in.

It is necessary to have read the first two books in the Night Rebel series before reading Wicked All Night. If you haven't read the first two books in this series, do not pass go, there are spoilers ahead!

A gift from the gods…

Veritas and Ian have finally defeated their worst enemy, but the power it took to pierce through to the netherworld has unexpected consequences. Soon, Veritas is forced to rely on the last person she trusts---a golden deity named Phanes, who seeks far more than a temporary alliance with the beautiful vampire.

Can unleash hell…

But an escape from the netherworld soon pits Veritas and Ian against supernatural beings seeking to rule over mortals once again. Now, they must rally friends and foes alike—if the vampire council doesn’t execute Veritas first. Plus, a wedge between Veritas and Ian threatens to destroy their love. Can they stand together against the unearthly powers about to be unleashed? Or does their love—and humanity—not stand a chance?

Last chance. Seriously, if you haven't read the first two books of Veritas and Ian's story, you do not want to read this review. Come back later after you've read the first ones.

"You're saying I overreacted in order to protect you? If gods struck hypocrites with lightning bolts, your arse would be on fire right now."


To recap the events of the first two books in a rapid fire manner: Veritas finds Ian, they go on a Dagon hunt, they get married (kinda), they get married for real, they defeat Dagon, Ian dies, Veritas unleashes holy hell, Ian comes back to life, so does Dagon, Ian loses his memory, Veritas puts Ian back in his circus brothel with strict instructions for Bones to keep Ian away from Veritas, Ian doesn't listen, they go hunting Dagon again, they finally kill Dagon, Veritas using her other side brings about some old dude named Phanes who says Vertias is his betrothed, Ian says hell nah, end.

Now, onto the good bits.

I am...disappointed. But I'm also disappointed in myself for being so disappointed? Ian is a sex fiend. This is well established in both the main series and in the first 2 Night Rebel books. And this book had 1 underwhelming sex scene in it... I was looking forward to more Ian and Veritas spice. However... the plot was fantastic, so I'm upset at myself for being disappointed in the lack of spice? I don't read these books only for the spice, but I do really enjoy those parts.

Onto the plot now. Veritas and Ian once again have to fight some big bads. In typical Ian and Veritas style, they try to protect each other from all possible danger, but it was amazing getting to see them finally figure out they can do more together.

The budding sibling relationship between Ashael and Veritas was amazing and I want to see more of it. I would also like to see more of Ashael taming Naxos the minotaur because that was just adorable.

The pacing was kind of skewed towards the end of the book, but overall was action packed from start to finish and I love it! I love seeing my babies band together to save the world and I hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of the crew!

Overall, another fantastic installment in the Night Huntress World!

Let's chat about it if you've read this series!

Thanks for reading!

Captain Jess

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