Review: The Traitor Queen

The Traitor Queen

Author: Danielle Jensen

Publisher: Context Literary Agency, LLC

Release Date: September 1, 2020


“Because there is only one Queen of Ithicana. Just as there is only one King. And if any of our enemies dare come for our kingdom, we will bring them to their knees.”

The sequel to The Bridge Kingdom, The Traitor Queen is a fantastic follow up to Lara and Aren's story! Following Aren's discovery of Lara's (albeit accidental) betrayal, Lara must watch in exile as Ithicana is conquered by her father and Aren taken prisoner, as future bait for Lara. Despite knowing her father is only keeping Aren alive to lure her out so he can kill her, Lara can't seem to let Aren go... and is willing to risk a lot and do a lot of dangerous things to get him back and prove that her feelings were real. But will Aren believe her? More importantly, can they save Ithicana?

First of all, I absolutely love Lara and Aren. They’re beautifully complex characters and Danielle does an amazing job of describing their struggles and feelings towards each other. I also really enjoy the POV switching. I feel it gives equal opportunity insights into both Aren and Lara without being overbearing or confusing. They each have distinctly different inner voices which makes easy to follow.

I really enjoyed the action and the continuation of the story, however, the ending felt a bit rushed for me and I would have liked maybe an epilogue or something to really wrap it up. This is especially true since the next books will focus on Keris and Zarrah. I’m hoping we’ll still get to see Lara and Aren in the next books and get a better sense of closure to their story.

Overall, fantastic book! I’ve yet to read anything by Danielle I haven’t truly loved and thoroughly enjoyed and this is no different! I devoured the kindle version in just a day and I’ve been waiting anxiously for my physical copy to come in! The cover art is beautiful, the art on the hardback is beautiful, the chapter art is beautiful, I just really love this book.

I can’t wait to read Keris and Zarrah’s story next! I definitely recommend checking out The Bridge Kingdom and The Traitor Queen if you haven’t read them yet!

Have you read anything by Danielle?? Let me know what you think!

Captain Jess


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