Review: Serpent & Dove

Serpent & Dove

Author: Shelby Mahurin

Publisher: HarperTeen

Release Date: September 3, 2019


“I was no one’s sacrifice. Not then. Not now. Not ever.”

Serpent & Dove is a fantasy witch/witch hunter enemies to lovers story, where Lou, a witch in hiding turned street thief, is thrust into a forced marriage to Reid, a devout witch hunter after a series of unfortunate events.

I enjoyed Lou a lot, and I just kind of liked Reid. I know he was supposed to be, but he was just a little too close minded for a little too long for me to really get all the way behind him yet. I’m hoping I’ll enjoy him more in the next book as we see him (hopefully) grow. Lou was sassy, independent, and crass, and it all fit her story well. Some of the crassness felt a tad forced at times, but overall it fit.

The romance between Lou and Reid felt a little rushed. I would have like a little bit slower burn and a little bit longer of a build up for the attraction. It felt like it went 0 to 100 in only a few short chapters.

I did enjoy the POV switching as it gave a much better insight into Lou’s feelings towards Reid as a witch hunter, and Reid’s feelings towards Lou, not knowing she’s a witch. It added some depth to both of them that made me really enjoy the story more.

Coco is a true friend, and it was really great to see how supportive and protective she was of Lou throughout the story. It was really nice to see that female friendship in this story.

The ending of the book, and seeing how Reid and Lou and the gang would get out of trouble was my favorite part, it was much faster paced and had more action. I really enjoyed Ansel and even Beau towards the end! Shelby writes very strong, well developed characters and I really enjoyed them all.

I like Morgane as the antagonist and I’m hoping we’ll get some more depth from her in Blood & Honey. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what she does next and how she plans to move forward to try to achieve her goals.

I do wish there had been some more world building and a better explanation of the magic system within the world, but I’m hoping that comes more with the sequel. It just felt a bit vague overall for me setting wise.

Despite my issues with the overall pacing, I still went and immediately bought Blood & Honey as I have to see what happens next! I’ll be reading B&H this month and will post my review once I’m done!

Overall good fall read and if you like enemies-to-lovers or anything witchy, check this one out!

Captain Jess


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