Quick Review: Warrior of the Wild

Warrior of the Wild

Tricia Levenseller


Warrior of the Wild was a great read! It had a good, interesting adventure plot and solid characters that I could relate to and enjoyed reading about. Rasmira is a badass Viking woman and we all know I enjoy badass ladies who can handle their own.

Vikings and Viking inspired worlds are really cool to me, and this was no different. Tricia did a really cool job developing the world and it was easy to sink in to. My only wish was there was more mythology/background world building, but it was still a good read.

This was a stand-alone and it’s one of the best written stand alone books I’ve read in a while. It developed the world, the plot, and the characters, saw action and a resolution to the main plot, and didn’t leave any unanswered questions!

If you’re looking for an interesting story with interesting characters, check this one out. It doesn’t emotionally wreck you or leave you with a book hangover either! Perfect quick read/palette cleanser book!

(Also, why is there no battle axe emoji. This is a huge oversight.)

Have you read this one?? Let me know what you think!

- Captain Jess


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