July 2021 New Releases

Today is the first day of July! Let's see what this month has in store for us in the book world! Just a note, these books are in genres I personally like to read, so you probably won't find any contemporary new releases on this list!

The Labyrinth King by LJ Serafin

Release Date: July 6, 2021

A foreboding Labyrinth. Four towns. A curse that has separated them. A girl with nothing to lose. A boy who would do anything to save her. A handsome stranger with all the answers. Destiny awaits them all, inside the Labyrinth....

In a world where a sprawling, cursed Labyrinth separates four once powerful cities, Valeria is an orphan who has raised herself in the streets of the poor farming town of Villam. She has fought for her survival by any means necessary, often using her charms as a woman to manipulate men for enough money or food to survive just one more day. On the evening of her twenty-first birthday, she is approached by a mysterious and incredibly handsome stranger, Alder, who tells her she is meant for more and that her destiny awaits inside the Labyrinth. A destiny to break the curse and gain unmeasurable power. Though no one who has ventured in has ever returned, she decides to enter the Labyrinth, bewitched by her draw to Alder and his promises of a better life...

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The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix

Release Date: July 13th

A fast-paced, thrilling horror novel that follows a group of heroines to die for, from the brilliant New York Times bestselling author of The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires.

In horror movies, the final girl is the one who's left standing when the credits roll. The one who fought back, defeated the killer, and avenged her friends. The one who emerges bloodied but victorious. But after the sirens fade and the audience moves on, what happens to her?

Lynnette Tarkington is a real-life final girl who survived a massacre twenty-two years ago, and it has defined every day of her life since. And she's not alone. For more than a decade she's been meeting with five other actual final girls and their therapist in a support group for those who survived the unthinkable, putting their lives back together, piece by piece. That is until one of the women misses a meeting and Lynnette's worst fears are realized--someone knows about the group and is determined to take their lives apart again, piece by piece.

But the thing about these final girls is that they have each other now, and no matter how bad the odds, how dark the night, how sharp the knife, they will never, ever give up.

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These Hollow Vows by Lexi Ryan

Release Date: July 20th

Brie hates the Fae and refuses to have anything to do with them, even if that means starving on the street. But when her sister is sold to the sadistic king of the Unseelie court to pay a debt, she'll do whatever it takes to get her back—including making a deal with the king himself to steal three magical relics from the Seelie court.

Gaining unfettered access to the Seelie court is easier said than done. Brie's only choice is to pose as a potential bride for Prince Ronan, and she soon finds herself falling for him. Unwilling to let her heart distract her, she accepts help from a band of Unseelie misfits with their own secret agenda. As Brie spends time with their mysterious leader, Finn, she struggles to resist his seductive charm.

Caught between two dangerous courts, Brie must decide who to trust with her loyalty. And with her heart.

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The River Has Teeth by Erica Waters

Release Date: July 20th

Natasha’s sister is missing. Her car was found abandoned on the edge of a local nature preserve known as the Bend, but as the case goes cold, Natasha’s loss turns to burning anger.

She’ll do anything to find answers.

Della’s family has channeled magic from the Bend for generations, providing spells for the desperate. But when Natasha appears on her doorstep, Della knows it will take more than simple potions to help her. But Della has her own secrets to hide.

Because Della thinks she knows the beast who’s responsible for the disappearance — her own mother, who was turned into a terrible monster by magic gone wrong.

Natasha is angry. Della has little to lose. They are each other’s only hope.

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Red Wolf by Rachel Vincent

Release Date: July 20th

This high stakes, pacey reimagining of Little Red Riding Hood is perfect for fans of Stephanie Garber and Megan Spooner.

For as long as sixteen-year-old Adele can remember the village of Oakvale has been surrounding by the dark woods—a forest filled with terrible monsters that light cannot penetrate. Like every person who grows up in Oakvale she has been told to steer clear of the woods unless absolutely necessary.

But unlike her neighbors in Oakvale, Adele has a very good reason for going into the woods. Adele is one of a long line of guardians, women who are able to change into wolves and who are tasked with the job of protecting their village while never letting any of the villagers know of their existence.

But when following her calling means abandoning the person she loves, the future she imagined for herself, and her values she must decide how far she is willing to go to keep her neighbors safe.

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Gods & Monsters by Shelby Mahurin

Release Date: July 27th

The final installment in the acclaimed Serpent & Dove series!

Evil always seeks a foothold. We must not give it one.

After a heartbreaking loss, Lou, Reid, Beau, and Coco are bent on vengeance more than ever before—and none more so than Lou.

But this is no longer the Lou they thought they knew. No longer the Lou that captured a chasseur’s heart. A darkness has settled over her, and this time it will take more than love to drive it out.

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Will you be checking out any of these releases? Are there other books you're looking forward to in July?

Let's chat!

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