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Welcome back! On we go with our review of Dark Skies! This is technically book 2 in the Dark Shores series! Check out my review of Dark Shores here.


Lydia is a scholar, but books are her downfall when she meddles in the plots of the most powerful man in the Celendor Empire. Her life in danger, she flees west to the far side of the Endless Seas and finds herself entangled in a foreign war where her burgeoning powers are sought by both sides.


Killian is Marked by the God of War, but his gifts fail him when the realm under the dominion of the Corrupter invades Mudamora. Disgraced, he swears his sword to the kingdom’s only hope: the crown princess. But the choice sees him caught up in a web of political intrigue that will put his oath – and his heart – to the test.


With Mudamora falling beneath the armies of the Corrupter, Lydia and Killian strike a bargain to save those they love most—but it is a bargain with unintended and disastrous consequences. Truths are revealed, birthrights claimed, and loyalties questioned—all while a menace deadlier and more far-reaching than they realize sweeps across the world.

"Why can’t anyone ride in to save me when I’M in distress?"


Book 2 in the Dark Shores series is not like other sequels. This book doesn't mention the storyline or really even any characters from Dark Shores, except Teriana briefly.

This book focuses on Lydia's story and her own adventures and exploration as she flees her arranged marriage and escapes to the West. Dark Skies is not like Dark Shores, so don't go into this expecting it to be even remotely similar apart from DLJ's writing style. Lydia and Killian are so different from Marcus and

Teriana, and we get to explore their interactions and story now.

I will admit, while I knew this wouldn't cover Marcus and Teriana going into the book, Dark Skies still took me a while to get into. I wasn't as invested in the characters right out of the gate like I was with Dark Shores. I found myself continually wondering what Marcus and Teriana were doing, instead of focusing on what Lydia and Killian were doing right in front of me.

I can see why people like Killian. Tall, dark, and broody, smart, deadly, and marked by one of the Seven, the God of War, Killian is a fantastic male character. I don't know if it's because I read Marcus first, or because I just have a thing for soldier-y types, but Killian just didn't do it for me.

I did enjoy Lydia slightly more than Teriana though, mainly because Lydia was much more relatable to me personally. I'm a bookworm and I've never gone on a real adventure to save my life. Teriana would roll her eyes at me and tell me I'm getting in her way. Lydia would offer me book recommendations!

Despite my slowness getting into the story, it wasn't really a slow paced story. Action was consistent, and there was never really a lull in what Lydia and Killian were experiencing.

I am super excited to see how these characters crossover in the future, and I'm even more excited to get to see Lydia and Teriana (hopefully) reunite in future books!

Please note, I read Dark Skies second, because it was published second. However, you can read Dark Shores and Dark Skies in any order you want. As I mentioned in my review, the stories don't overlap, except at the very beginning.

Overall, different vibe from Dark Shores. There's more political action than high seas/adventure action, but the story is engaging, and you desperately want to know what's going to happen to all 4 characters.

Gilded Serpent, book 3 in the trilogy, releases April 27th! This book will finally see all 4 character's POVs! There is also a prequel about Marcus and the Thirty-Seventh called Tarnished Empire. I highly recommend you read it as well!

I've posted reviews already for both Tarnished Empire and the ARC I received of Gilded Serpent, so go check those out once you've read them!

Who's your favorite characters? Marcus or Killian? Lydia or Teriana? Let me know!

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