C&C Episode 7: Chaos and Group Therapy... Lots of Therapy

After last week's pride episode written guide, we got some requests to continue doing that for future episodes! So here's the "too long, didn't listen" version for this week's podcast episode! And it is a long episode this week, so we kind of apologize, but not really. We had a good time.

We think we have fully given up on following an agenda. As you can see, this is a long one. In this episode of Chaos and Cocks, we have covered everything from writing tips, updates on our current reads, some deep rooted issues, and how much smut is too much smut? Spoiler alert, there isn't ever too much smut!

We hope you enjoy this long episode and please heed this warning: There will be spoilers for ACOTAR, TOG, and Neon Gods. There is also cussing, talk of sex, eating disorders, and some emotional trauma, so please be aware of that if you decide to read/listen onward.

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This week is pure chaos! Britt is off studying for her bar exam at the end of the month, so the rest of us go a little crazy! (Also, everyone go wish Britt good luck on her test!)

Gabbie’s wearing a really cool shirt that has ACOTAR scenes written all over it. The shirt is from Litographs and this is just more money I need to spend, and I appreciate it.

Next, we try to get into Gabbie and Lexi’s writing updates, and we bounce around quite a bit, but eventually we do get there! Gabbie is writing all the things, and switching back and forth between a few different stories that are yelling at her.

We also talk about how writing in different POV’s is hard, how C. Rochelle and Danielle Jensen do it amazingly, and if Gabbie and Lexi are hurting their characters enough. Lexi also questions how early is too early to have sex scenes, and that takes us off into a whole other tangent about when the build up is spicier than actual sex scenes (*cough* Crescent City *cough*).

We talk about spice ratings and how everyone’s ratings are different based on perspectives. How do you rate your spice? What’s the spiciest book you’ve ever read?

Then, we start talking about our reading goals for the year! If you’re looking for a good alternative to Goodreads, Jess rambles on for a bit about Storygraph!

For a little bit, we get into some more serious topics regarding eating disorders and other trauma. It start off as a conversation on how Gabbie and Lexi can be mean to their characters, but moves into a discussion about our personal lives. Lexi and Jess talk about how they've battled with eating disorders in the past, and in the present, and we all just kinda talk about how disordered eating can mean a lot of things and it's okay to struggle.

If you need help and are struggling with an eating disorder, please call or text the National Eating Disorder Hotline at (800) 931-2237. You can also reach out to any one of that host this podcast. As you hear, we all have experience with it, and while we're not professionals, we would be more than willing to support you.

We get a little silly again, because we all have ADHD. We swear we know how to speak, but not really. This gets us off into an entire tangent of trying to pronounce different words, including:

  • Kharankui

  • Rural

  • Otorhinolaryngologist

  • Colonel

  • Penguin

  • Sixth

  • Isthmus

  • Anemone

  • Squirrel

  • Choir

  • Worcestershire

  • Worcester

  • Leicester

  • Tewksbury

  • Nacogdoches

  • Versailles

  • Waxahachie

  • Boerne

  • Caramel

  • Floccinaucinihilipilification

We get off of our lack of pronunciation skills and get into our favorite cock of the week and discuss our current reads. Jess is reading Blade of Secrets, which is not spicy, but has excellent mental health representation. And Ash is reading Neon Gods, and we want updates. We get off on yet another tangent and Ash and Lexi explain IPB anatomy. Barbs and spines? WHAT? (If you want pictures of said anatomy, DM one of us. I’m not getting my site taken down for posting p*rn). We also talk about dragon dicks. Because this podcast is called Chaos & Cocks for a reason my friends.

Overall, this episode is a lot of chaos, not a lot of plot. But we have a good time and we hope you do too!

Some questions to leave you with:

Would you be interested in us doing a Bookstagram tips segment in the podcast?

We're finally doing a "meet the podcasters" episode, what do you want to know about us????

You can drop questions in the comments, or message any of us on IG!

This episode is a long one, but we hope you join us for a good time!

We'll see you next week!



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